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Silverlight Toolkit November 2009 changes

The following list encompasses all changes made between the Silverlight Toolkit October 2009 release and the Silverlight Toolkit November 2009 release for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4. To see previous changes see the Silverlight Toolkit October 2009 change list, Silverlight Toolkit December 2008 change list, Silverlight Toolkit March 2009 change list, and Silverlight Toolkit July 2009 change list.

NOTE: If you're migrating from Silverlight 2 or Silverlight 3 Beta to Silverlight 3 then it might be helpful to review the following document: Ensuring That Your Silverlight 2 Applications Work with Silverlight 3.

What’s New


  • All Toolkit/SDK control visuals and input handling to exhibit the correct behavior for right-to-left languages and cultures in Silverlight 4.

Mouse Wheel Support

  • Controls that support scrolling can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel in Silverlight 4

Support for Validation in Themes

  • All Toolkit controls now show validation UI out of the box when there are data input errors.


  • New BusyIndicator control in the Silverlight Toolkit to easily toggle UI to a busy state.
  • Based on David Poll's ActivityControl which is used in the RIA Services project template and samples.


  • Added Content property that allows the form UI to be set directly, without having to specify data templates to improve experience in the designer.


  • Supports more flexible subclassing scenarios of core classes
  • Provides more helpful exception messages in limited scenarios
  • Updated default Chart template to respect Padding
  • Type of Chart.LegendItems collection items changed to object for flexibility
  • Converted Legend to a HeaderedItemsControl for consistency.


  • Removed ImplicitStyleManager from Silverlight 4 to phase it out now that implicit styles are supported in the platform.
  • Updated Themes (TwilightBlue, ShinyRed, etc.) to work with implicit styles.


  • Adds PackageCatalog and a Package class which enables support for downloading secondary XAP’s and loading them into a MEF catalog.

Silverlight Unit Test Framework

  • The Silverlight Unit Test Framework (Microsoft.Silverlight.Testing.dll) and the Visual Studio unit test metadata for Silverlight are now installed alongside the Silverlight Toolkit binaries
  • Source ships inside the Infrastructure Zip installed with the MSI

Silverlight Development Infrastructure and Tools

  • Visual Studio project and item templates for Silverlight Test Applications
  • Silverlight 3 version supports Visual Studio 2008, Visual Web Developer 2008, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
  • Silverlight 4 verison supports Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and Visual Web Developer 2010 Express
  • Experimental Silverlight Code Coverage support: collect block-level coverage data when using the Silverlight Unit Test Framework on a machine with Visual Studio 2010 and Static Analysis Tools
  • Silverlight test automation support through Microsoft Build: easily include unit test execution inside the build process. Support for simple automation of Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome automation.
  • DefaultStyleTask for large control library projects

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