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AutoCompleteBox: Provide the ability to turn on/off list box cycle navigation


The AutoCompleteBox currents cycles item navigation: when pressing the arrow keys, after the bottom item is reached, it moves back to the top. This is a proposed feature request to provide some dependency property that can alter the cycle behavior.
This is in line with various AutoComplete implementations that developers expect, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (two of the most-used), plus Windows Vista search and Google Suggest.
Implementations that do -not- cycle include the ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit's auto complete, Yahoo's auto complete, and the Spotlight feature in OS X >= 10.4.
A workaround is possible by simply inheriting from SelectorSelectionAdapter and/or implementing your own: the navigation is not actually part of AutoCompleteBox, but instead the selection adapter performs any navigation when the drop down is open.
Closed Aug 11, 2012 at 1:00 AM by RohanTha
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