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TreeView jumps to last node when used inside a tab control and using complex headers for TreeViewItems


I have a simple Tab control with two tabs, one of them contains a tree.
The tree (TreeView) contains a couple of TreeViewItems, each of the uses a "complex" content for header - a StackPanel with a button and a textblock (sample code attached).
The scenario - run the app, click the first node to select it, move to tab no. 2, return to tab no. 1 - the selected node is not the last node.
It also seems that every node/item receives selected + unselected events (first unselected, second selected, second unselected, third selected and so on...)

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Closed Dec 24, 2008 at 11:46 PM by JustinJosefAngel
Thanks for reporting this.

Closing as duplicate to issue #1116:

The temporary fix is (seems to be) to add the following code snippet:
tabControl.SelectionChanged += (s, e) =>
if (e.RemovedItems != null && e.RemovedItems.Count > 0)
    var tab = e.RemovedItems.Cast().First();
    if (tab.Content != null) (tab.Content as Control).IsEnabled = false;
if (e.AddedItems != null && e.AddedItems.Count > 0)
    var tab = e.AddedItems.Cast().First();
    if (tab.Content != null) (tab.Content as Control).IsEnabled = true;


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