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Consider supporting TimeSpan values on the DependentAxis


The following forum post asks for this feature:
For now, it should be possible to convert the TimeSpan to a double (ex: TimeSpan.TotalMinutes) with a Converter on the DependentValueBinding. This should accomplish the general goal, though the values of the DependentAxis won't automatically format themselves as well as they could if we natively supported TimeSpan (ex: via sensible intervals, etc.).
Closed Jan 31, 2009 at 12:42 AM by shawnoster
The column and bar always start at the origin, therefore a timespan does not make sense. The functionality you are seeking is best accomplished with an area series which we plan to add in a future release.


breynolds73 wrote Jan 31, 2011 at 9:30 PM

Was this ever fixed? I have a simple example of why I need it. I have a team of runners. I want to plot their mile times over the course of a year to see how their training is progressing. Independent axis is date. Dependent axis is a Timespan. True you can use a double to see up and down movement, but seeing "3.85" as a number of minutes is pretty ugly. Would at least like a way to have the mouseovers of points on the graph come up as nicely formatted times.

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